FSI workshop for fishermen of Campbell Bay

Port Blair
29 Nov 2017

The Fishery Survey of India (FSI) here organised a hands-on training on modern fishing technologies for the fishermen of Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar District on 26th November, 2017. 24 local fishermen including tribals were taken onboard the fishery research vessel MFV Blue Marlin of FSI for hands-on training on various aspects of navigation, safety at sea, long-line, other diversified fishing methodologies and fuel conservation imparted by the scientists and engineers of FSI.
A workshop on ‘Sustainable Utilization of Marine fishery Resources of Nicobar Islands (SUMAFIN)’ was held at the fishermen’s hall on 27.11.2017. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, DANICS, Assistant Commissioner inaugurated the workshop chaired by Ms. Rosaliya Kullu, Pradhan, Rajiv Nagar.  Mr. Singh appreciated the FSI for the workshop. He urged the fishermen to update their knowledge and learn modern technologies in various aspects of marine capture fisheries by interacting with the scientists of FSI. Dr. Sijo P. Varghese, FSI urged the fishermen to diversify their activities to tap the underutilised marine fishery resources of their area, highlighting the significance of tourism in the economy of A & N Islands, he called upon the fishermen to reap the opportunities of tourism by making souvenirs from sea shells, clams, stuffed fish, shark jaws etc., which are abundant in the Campbell Bay area. Mr. Chalpathi Rao, Up-Pradhan, Mr. Abdul Arif, Fisheries In-charge and Mr. Barnabas, Captain of tribal fishermen while speaking on the occasion thanked the FSI for the workshop, which is organised for the first time in the area. In the technical session the scientists and engineers of FSI briefed on latest technologies in navigation, fish finding, safety at sea, repairs and maintenance of marine engines, spatio-temporal aspects of fish abundance and significance of reducing marine pollution, especially those by plastics,  to the gathering of fishermen, PRI members and local citizens.
An open-house onboard the vessel MFV Blue Marlin was also organised. The Principal of Government Senior Secondary School inaugurated the open house. The students from nearby schools, fishermen and local citizens visited the vessel MFV Blue Marlin berthed at the Campbell Bay harbour to witness the various navigational, marine engineering, communication, sea safety, fish finding, fishing and fish preservation equipments and procedures onboard the vessel. Different species of oceanic fishery resources including tunas, billfishes, rays, shark etc. were also exhibited.