Gambling den busted at Dollygunj

Port Blair
8 Nov 2018

The team of police station Pahargaon has busted a gambling den and arrested six persons along with recovery of Rs 25000/-. Upon receipt of information regarding gambling near Dharmraj Garage, Dollygunj a police team comprising SI P Jeevan, HC/1156 P Babu Rao, PC/406 S N Pathack, PC/ Vijay Ram & PC/1203 M Abdul Salam raided the gambling den on 31/10/18 at Dollygunj village and arrested 06 people involved in gambling. Rs. 25000/- cash and a deck of playing cards were recovered from the possession of accused persons who were identified as K. Vishna (35) yrs R/o Pahargaon, V. Dharma Raj  (53) yrs R/o New Pahargaon, A.S. Ratham (70) yrs R/o Phoenix Bay, K. Ramesh (37) yrs R/o Bambooflat, A. Ramar (29) yrs R/o New Pahargaon and Vijayan (58) yrs r/o Austinabad.
The raid was conducted under the supervision of Insp. Sahil Shamsuddin, SHO Pahargaon under overall supervision of Mr Nishant Gupta, DySP (SA). The general public have been requested to pass information, if any, pertaining to any anti-social or criminal act over phone nos. 03192-250525, 9474260666, 9531801107 or PCR -100.