Port Blair
16 Oct 2016

Dry, But Not So Dry Days

The Dry Days declared all over the islands during the recent Durga Puja festival have not been so dry after all for the chosen few. Post-festivities, denizens, especially the womenfolk, have been all praise for the strict implementation of the dry days which provided them with safe participation in idol immersion processions.  Police raids resulted in seizure of huge quantity of liquor bottles which were hoarded by the unscrupulous elements for sale at a premium to beat the dry days. While the authorities patted their backs for the successful implantation of dry days, liquor lovers cursed their fate.  However, there were many lucky ones too who had right connections in the police stations. Seized IMFL bottles were supplied to these lucky souls free of cost.

LGC Result Imbroglio

The LGC results hanging fire for almost two years is turning out to be something of a record, an ignominious one.  For the last many months, the concerned authorities have been dishing out dubious replies to the media.  Sometimes they would say the result would be out in a couple of days, and then weeks later they would tell that the result list has been sent back to Staff Selection Commission for clarification regarding some doubts.  Now the Grapevine has it that the result has been completely trashed because of clear evidence of money having changed hands.  Many candidates  were seen gloating about their success even though the results were not announced.  It is also alleged that the pass list also contained names of more than one member of many families.  Smelling rats, the authorities have finally cancelled the result.   Now the authorities are tight lipped and the candidates are despondent. But, who cares.

Teaching the Teacher

A class 7 student was allegedly made to do 500 sit ups by a teacher in a Port Blair school which caused such a pain and blood clotting in the thigh of the boy that he had to be operated upon.  True? Not really.  Can a child do 500 sit ups? Does not seem possible!  According to sources, the naughty boy cooked up a story to frame the teacher to teach him a lesson for being harsh and rude to him.  His parents believed him and parroted their son’s version to the media.  However, the watchful media did not bite the bait.