Haddo pond needs cleaning

Report by: 
Port Blair
3 May 2017

For the past many years, a big pond near Telugu medium school at Haddo has remained a cesspool and breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many residents of the region, particularly from the washmen community,  use the water from the lake for household purposes, but the civic agency has turned a blind eye towards ensuring proper maintenance of the pond which includes regular de-silting work reducing it to a breeding ground for mosquitoes to breed, according to reports.
Presently the pool is filled with overgrown shrubs, garbage and has remained unclean for months. Used plastic bottles, eatables etc can be seen floating in the pond. “This pond is used by many residents here particularly for washing clothes. But owing to poor maintenance, they have now started looking for other options. The Municipal Council has paid absolutely no attention towards the need to ensure maintenance of this pond. The pond is gradually turning into an open defecation spot as people can be seen responding to nature calls near the pond. The civic body should take immediate steps for maintenance of the pond,” said Mr Tirupathi, a Haddo resident.