Havelock Forest Dy Ranger accused of tampering attendance register

Port Blair
4 Dec 2018

A Deputy Ranger of the Department of Environment and Forest posted at Havelock has come under allegations of tampering with attendance of daily rated workers. As per standard practice, attendance registers of daily rated workers maintained manually are required to be countersigned by the office in-charge on a daily basis. However, this particular Deputy Ranger reportedly countersigns them on the last of every month marking ‘present’ of ‘absent’ mazdoors in apparent bid to favour some of his favourite ones.
As per sources, the irregularity came to light when a subordinate Forester of a particular forest range of Havelock was handed over the charge of John Lawrence Range and Camp Office of Krishna Nagar. The Deputy Ranger was deputed on duty to Port Blair to attend some Court cases. As per rules, the subordinate Forester countersigned the attendance register of daily rated workers during the period. But to his dismay, the subordinate found that attendance register tampered after return of the Deputy Ranger and workers absent during the period marked present. “There are around 14 daily rated workers working in Havelock Forest Division carrying out works like office works, beach cleaning, maintenance of Central Nursery, raising of mangrove cultivation, cane cultivation etc. Though most of the labourers perform their duties diligently, there are some who remain absent for more than a couple of days in a month. However with the support of the Deputy Ranger, they receive full monthly wages in their bank accounts. The top officials of the Forest Department should take a strong note of the situation and issue appropriate directions to prevent such violation of rules,” said a couple of forest workers posted at Havelock on conditions of anonymity. (EOIC)