Human resource development prog. held

Port Blair
2 Mar 2017

A Human Resource Development Programme for pesticide dealers, officials of agriculture department, NGOs and farmers was held recently in the Training Hall of the Office of the Assistant Director (Agriculture), Goal Ghar, South Andaman. Mr R.Y. Singh, Joint Director, State Agriculture Department was the chief guest, while Dr. Vivek Kumar Pandey, SMS (PP), KVK-CIARI was present as the guest of honour. Around seven officials and 51 participants registered for the programme out of which four were pesticide dealers, 42 officials of Agriculture Department and five farmers.
On the first day, pre-evaluation of participants in terms of their pesticides based knowledge was conducted. Speakers described about the need for improving knowledge of the pesticide dealers on the rules & regulations & IPM. Shri R.Y. Singh gave his views on HRDP and discussed about the status of IPM and pesticide residues found on agricultural products, trend in use of pesticides in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. He emphasized on adoption of IPM, use of bio-pesticides, clean cultivation and other organic practices. After a tea-break Dr. Vivek Kumar Pandey discussed about banned and restricted pesticides in India, Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee (CIB&RC) and its statutory function, rules and regulation of pesticides, pesticide residues in agricultural commodities and related  knowledge of different types of pest organisms and the pesticides used against them.
Shri D. Das, SA discussed and showed the participants about classification of pesticides, their ranking based on their toxicity and their different formulations; pesticides versus poison; spray equipment and the knowledge of nozzles.  He elaborated how pesticides effect the health. After lunch Mr V.K. Gupta discussed on knowledge of natural enemies and their identifications and the effect of pesticides on non-targeted organisms by showing the participants a video on natural enemies and safe pesticide uses. Mr V.K. Rajak, TA discussed on safe spraying technique, pesticide handling and storage. The day’s programme came to an end with interaction with the pesticide dealers, officials of Agriculture Department and farmers and vote of thanks by Shri V.K. Rajak.
On the second day, Mr S.K. Mandal described different components of IPM viz; cultural, mechanical, biological and need based chemical measures for sustainable farming. Mr V.K. Gupta described about the sell, safe storage and transport of pesticides and disposal of left-over pesticides and pesticide containers. Mr D. Das discussed about label claims and leaflet study containing in the pesticides containers.  A case study was done after visiting a nearby pesticide shop. After lunch, a field visit was conducted on various firms of pesticide dealers to get a thorough knowledge on different pesticides used in A&N Islands and farmers’ fields for assessment of insect pest situation. V.K. Gupta proposed the vote of thanks.