Husband alleges medical negligence for deaths of wife, unborn

Report by: 
Port Blair
11 Mar 2019

A family at Bathu Basti is claiming that an unborn baby and mother died at GB Pant Hospital due to alleged medical negligence by the nursing staff of the hospital. Subankar Bairgai, resident of Bhatu Basti claimed that his 25 year old wife, Dipika Bairgai and unborn baby died as a result of negligence by staff at the GB Pant hospital, who allegedly gave wrong or overdose of medicines.
Dipika was pregnant and was undergoing routine medical check-up at the Community Health Centre, Garacharma. Medical staff at the CHC, Garacharma gave her delivery date on 4th March 2019. When she visited the CHC, Rangat on 4th March, she was told to visit the hospital on 7th March.  However on 7th March 2019, she was again told to visit GB Pant Hospital. She was said that doctors at the GB Pant hospital can only tell her about the expected date of delivery. 
On 7th March as directed by the medical staff of CHC, Garacharma she visited GB Pant Hospital. The staff at the GB Pant Hospital said that her labour pain can start at anytime of the day and she should get herself admitted in the hospital as early as possible. Taking the advice of the nursing staff, Dipika’s family admitted her in the Labour Ward of the GB Pant hospital. As soon as she was got admitted, the nursing staff at the hospital gave her some medicines to generate labour pain. However, this severely deteriorated her the condition of her health.  She started omitting and her blood pressure has gone very low. Finding her health conditions serious, she was shifted to ICU. At 1.00 am on 8th March, the medical staff informed her that her unborn baby has died at her womb and there is a chance of infection spreading in her body. Instead of operating her to take out the dead unborn child on urgent basis, it was only at 3.30 am, she gave birth to the dead child. By this the time, infection have spread in her body as she continuously complain about severe pain and uneasiness and finally the ill-fated lady died at 8.30 am on March 8th in the GB Pant Hospital.
When Mr. Subankar Bairagi, husband of late Dipika asked the doctor about the circumstances leading to death of unborn and her wife, he was informed that she died because her kidney has failed totally and her liver totally damaged coupled with low blood pressure. This was surprising for Subankar as untill the previous day, when her wife conducted her routine check-up in the GB Pant Hospital, there were no reports of kidney failure and liver damage. Everything was fine and all of a sudden, why the medical staff are informing him about reasons of death of his wife as kidney and liver failure?. This led to generation of suspicion of medical negligence. Subankar has been trying to get the copy of the medical reports of his wife, which haves been so far denied to him.
Now Subankar and his family are blaming gross medical negligence the medical staff for death of the unborn and his wife. “Dipika Bairagi was absolutely in a healthy conditions till such time, she was administered the first doses of medicine in the G.B Pant hospital. She was not having the labour pain and after her preliminary doses of medicine, the conditions of her health deteriorated. Her conditions so worsen that she had to be admitted to the ICU”, said a furious Subankar.  “My wife has left a four year son and it will be very difficult for me to take care of my children in the absence of his mother”, said an enraged Subankar.
Calling for the investigation into the circumstances of the death of the unborn and his wife, Subankar told EOI that he will pursue the matter so that his wife and baby’s death don’t go in vain and said that he wants the hospital’s shoddy staff to be held accountable for their actions in order to prevent further deaths.