Hyperbaric oxygenated recompression therapy by Command Diving Unit

Port Blair
29 Dec 2017

Under the aegis of Naval Component Andaman and Nicobar Command. The Command Diving Unit, Port Blair treated Mr. Sumer Verma aged 42 years from decompression sickness. Mr. Sumer Verma arrived at Command Diving Unit, Port Blair with symptoms of decompression sickness. The patient was administered Hyperbaric Oxygenated Recompression Therapy for about 2 hours in the Recompression Chamber at Command Diving Unit. The recompression therapy was supervised and undertaken at Command Diving Unit and Medical cover was provided by Marine Medical Specialist of INHS Dhanvantari. 
Mr. Sumer Verma on completion of the therapy was re-examined and was reported to be relieved of the difficulties he was facing. The specialised facility is required for the treatment of diving related accidents and is only available with CDU, Port Blair. The facility has been utilised on numerous occasions for treating decompression sickness, a condition that arises due to sudden depressurisation of the environment around the body.