ICG evacuates injured mariner of MT Falcon Victory

Port Blair
16 Nov 2017

Indian Coast Guard Ship C-146 evacuated a 41 years old Indian crew namely Mr. Mukesh Kamlakar Tabib, Senior engine room watch keeper from Singapore flag merchant vessel MT ‘Falcon Victory’ on passage to Singapore braving rough seas on Thursday after midnight operation. The crew who had suffered an injury while working on air conditioner unit leading to amputation of the top part of the finger.
Captain of the merchant vessel MT ‘Falcon Victory’ destined for Singapore requested Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center Port Blair for urgent medical evacuation of the injured crew. Considering critical situation, Coast Guard medical Officer provided tele-medical advice the to the crew, simultaneously Indian Coast Guard Ship C-146 was deployed for urgent medical evacuation.
At the time of emergency reporting, the vessel was 360 NM south-west of Port Blair while enroute from Fujairah to Singapore. Oil carrying merchant vessel had long passage to next port of call Singapore, therefore it was decided to evacuate crew amid sea. Indian Coast Guard ship C-146 successfully evacuated the crew and headed towards Port Blair with maximum speed. The medical team onboard administered the patient with basic first aid and stabilized the crew enroute prior entering Port Blair in early morning hours. On arrival at Port Blair, the patient in stable condition was immediately admitted at GB Pant hospital, Port Blair for further specialized medical treatment.