ICG renders assistance to disabled SL Fishing Vessel

Port Blair
20 Aug 2018

On receipt of information from Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo, the Indian Coast Guard MRCC here coordinated a search and rescue (SAR) operation for a disabled Sri Lankan Fishing Vessel (SLFV). A Coast Guard Dornier aircraft was launched in the morning hours of 17 August for search of disabled Sri Lankan fishing vessel Jaya Isuru-03. At about 11.20 hrs the Dornier located the disabled Sri Lankan fishing boat approximately 290 nautical miles (537 kms) North West of Port Blair. It was ascertained that the disabled SLFV was being towed by another Sri Lankan fishing vessel operating in area as her engine had break down. The information was shared with MRCC, Colombo, which dispatched Sri Lankan Naval Ship Samudura to render assistance.
ICG Dornier was re-launched at 13.55 hrs on 19 August and located Sri Lankan Naval Ship Samudura which was heading for rendering assistance to disabled fishing vessel. Thereafter, the Naval ship was directed towards the disabled fishing vessel by the Coast Guard Dornier aircraft. On 20 August, the Sri Lankan Naval Ship Samudura took disabled fishing vessel Jaya Isuru-03 under tow and is heading for Sri Lanka. The voyage of the vessels are being monitored during their passage through Indian Search and Rescue Region. Indian Coast Guard MRCCs  coordinate SAR ops with foreign littoral MRCCs under the umbrella of the international SAR convention and bilateral agreements.