IHRC demands repair of potholed ATR

Port Blair
5 Nov 2017

International Human Rights Council (IHRC), A&N Islands State Board president Mr..Murugesan has raised issues relating to deplorable and poor condition of Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) with the Lieutenant Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. In a letter to the Lt. Governor, Mr Murugesan said that the present condition of the road is very pathetic and is degrading day by day. “The entire road is riddled with pot holes, craters causing inconvenience to the road users and it is extremely dangerous, rains in the recent past have turned the road virtually into a death trap. Everyday hundreds of vehicles pass through ATR, motorists have a herculean task driving through the stretch, tourists from different part of India as well as foreigners comes to visit the famous tourist spots of Middle Andaman. In some of the places along side of the road, doesn’t have retaining wall or proper drainage or proper marking that shows dangerous area. There have been frequent incidences of minor accidents in the past and one just can’t blame the driver alone for that, the narrow width of the road with potholes make the driver immensely difficult to manoeuvre while driving a bus with passengers or truck loads with essential commodities, sometimes while giving way to incoming vehicles the bus or truck tilt to one side as the ridge of the road has been washed away by continuous rain.
Cases have been reported about vehicles suffering breakdown due to bad road conditions and one can imagine the situation when the vehicle got breakdown on ATR especially in Jarawa reserve area it is extremely difficult and time consuming to get a mechanic in this area.” Proper maintenance of the ATR is a immediate necessity of this hour and till NHIDCL starts working on its assigned task, APWD may be given the task for maintenance of the said road or a coordination may be made between the said agencies to carry-out the urgent work, urged Mr Murugesan.