Impressive farewell accorded to N.Venkatratnam by ANGDA

Port Blair
31 Mar 2018

The A&N Government Drivers Association, A&N Islands has accorded a grand farewell to Mr. N. Venkatratnam on Saturday at Teal House, Port Blair along with five other Drivers namely Mr. Harbajan Singh, Mr. Vimal Roy, Mr. Mallikarjun, Mr. MotiLall and Mr. Wahab. Mr. P. Kannan, President, GEF was chief guest. Mr. S. K. Majumdar, general secretary, GEF and Mr. K. Papa Rao advisor, Mr. Harinath Babu, vice president of All India Government Drivers Federation, Mr. R. Appa Rao, state president , Hyderabad, Mr. K. Hanmanth Rao,  distrct president, Guntur, Mr. Y. Rajeshwrara Rao, district president, Kurnool, Mr. P. Ramesh Babu,  District President, Ananatpuram, Mr. B. Balakrishnadu, General Secretary,  Kurnoolof State Government Drivers Associations and a delegation of 30 0ffice- bearers and members of  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States Drivers Associations also attended and blessed Mr. N. Venkatratnam and the five drivers.
The programme was spearheaded by Mr. N. A. Rasheed,  President, A&N Government Drivers Association. Everyone appreciated the leadership of Mr. Venkatratnam who headed Staff Car Drivers Association, A&N Islands as President for 15 years and fulfilled almost all the demands of Staff Car Drivers of various departments in A&N Administration with the cooperation of Government Employees Federation. The visiting guests of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states also praised his tenure as vice president in the All India Government Drivers Federation, New Delhi. All blessed him and his family good health and peaceful retired life.