Indigenous ‘Nicobari Aloo’ wins Plant Genome Saviour Community Award

Port Blair
12 Apr 2017

Nicobari Aloo or Greater Yam (Dioscoreaalata) is one such species of yam which plays a vital role as staple food of Nicobari Tribes and the method of conservation and its propagation since ages are quiet unique to this Island.The Nicobari tribes practice unique cultivation practices and traditionally they cultivate, conserve, use and share seven different varieties of Nicobari Aloo among themselves in the tuhet or joint family system. The traditional varieties of Nicobari Aloo such as Achin (Pink flesh), Domrit (Aroma type), Bolta, Paltu, Kaniya, TakiniyaTakavu (Higher yield) and Thirose are being conserved by Nicobari tribes.
The indigenous and unique conservation practices of Nicobari aloo by the Tribal Council has brought laurels to the Islands as it has been recognized by the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority (PPVFRA), GOI, New Delhi for prestigious Plant Genome Saviour Community Award 2014-15. The award will be presented by Mr Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture, Govt .of India at Champaran, Bihar on 19th April, 2017.
A team of scientists from ICAR- CIARI, Port Blair &  KVK, Car Nicobar facilitated to document the work in a befitting manner in the form of an application for the Plant Genome Saviour Community Award and submit the same to PPV & FRA. Tribal Council, Car Nicobar have also given the necessary encouragement and support. Once the application was considered by PPV & FRA, necessary authentication was done by the Department of Agriculture; Scientists of CIARI and Officials of KVK, Car Nicobar.