Infrastructure dev. projects for isles on track, claims NHIDCL report

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Port Blair
6 Nov 2017

All highway and infrastructure development projects entrusted to the National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) by the Union Government are on track, claims the latest  status report of the agency. In its updated status account as on 30-10-2017 published online, Utility Shifting is in progress for rehabilitation and up-gradation of Beodnabad-Ferrargunj section of NH-223 from km 12.0 to 45.0 (excluding Km 21.0 to 28.0) to 2-lane with hard shoulder by the construction agency, M/s Chaitnaya Projects/ DRA Infracon Pvt. Ltd., while tree cutting permission has been obtained from the local administration for the planned rehabilitation and up-gradation of section from km 242.0 to 298.0 of NH-223 (New NH- 4) to 2-lane with hard shoulder awarded to M/s Chaitnaya Projects/M/s Vasishta Mantena NH JV. The report also claims that technical evaluation in progress for the proposed connection between Bambooflat and Chatham plus approaches.
Request for Proposals (RFPs) for rehabilitation and up-gradation of Jarawa Area of NH-223 (New NH-4) from Km 59.400 to km 107.000 and km. 138.30 to km.155.00, rehabilitation and up-gradation of section from Km 107.760 to km 129.445 (after Middle strait to Humphrey), km 130.600 to km 138 (After Humphrey to Kadamtala) & km 155.00 to km 181.0 (End of Jarawa to Rangat) of NH-223 to 2-Lane with hard shoulder (on EPC mode) and rehabilitation and up-gradation of section from Km 206.00 to Km 242.00 (Nimbutala to Austin Creek) of NH-223 (New NH-4) to 2-Lane with hard shoulder (on EPC Mode) are likely to be invited soon. Routine maintenance of road from Chidiya Tapu to Middle Strait from Km 0.00 to km 107.00 (km 0-12; 21-28 & 45-107) of NH-4, Middle Strait to Rangat from km 107.00 to km 220.00 (Length= 113 Km) of NH-4 and from Rangat to Diglipur (North Andamans) from km 220.00 to km 330.70 (Length= 110.7 km) of NH-4 is in progress, the report says.
While the status of construction of major bridge over Middle Strait Creek between Km. 106.590 to Km. 107.762 of NH-223 remains the same after Apex Court signals green for CRZ clearance and submission of compliance report by the Andaman Public Works Department, NHIDCL report adds that construction of bridge over Humphrey Strait Creek between km.129.420 to Km. 130.600 of NH-223 (New No. NH-4) awarded to M/s. MBZ-RDS (JV) is progress as per schedule after payment of the 2nd mobilization advance instalment to the agency.