IPM for farmers, NGOs held at Basantipur

Port Blair
24 Sep 2018

Human Resource Development Programme on IPM for Farmers & NGOs was conducted recently at Panchayat Hall, Basantipur Gram Panchayat, Nimbudera, Middle Andaman. Smt. Sebastia Lakra Pradhan Basntipur Gram Panchayat, Basantipur, Nimbudera, Middle Andaman. was invited as chief guest and Smt. S.C. Rekha, AO, State Agri. Dept. Nimbudera, Mayabander was present as Guest of Honor. Mr Manoj Kumar, SMS (Agri. Engg.). KVK Nimbudera were also invited as Guest of resource person to address the gathering. During the programme Sarpanch, PRI members, State Agriculture staffs, also present. A total of 06 Officials and 48 nos. of participants registered for this programme, out of which 01 persons from Pesticide Delar, 7 Person from Gram Panchayat, State Agri. & 40 farmers.
Mr G.S. Giri, Plant Protection Officer (PP), CIPMC, Port Blair welcomed all the participants present on the occasion followed by Pre-evaluation of the Participants in terms of their knowledge about Integrated Pest Management and briefly discuss about IPM. Smt. Sebastia Lakra Pradhan gave his views on HRDP and she urged to the farmers to take benefits and also adopt of IPM practices. After a tea break Smt. S.C. Rekha, AO Nimbudera gave his views on HRDP and discussed about the status of IPM and schemes related to agriculture and urged to use of bio-pesticides, clean cultivation and other organic practices.  Sh. Manoj Kumar, SMS (Agri. Eng.), KVK, Nimbudera discussed on Integrated Weed Management different agriculture Kharif crops. Shri V.K. Gupta, APPO (PP) described about management of major insect pest and diseases  through IPM practices and Bio-control method in kharif crop. After Lunch Shri V.K. Gupta, APPO (PP) described about different types of trap and how to prepare temporary trap from domestic waste. Shri V.K. Rajak, TA discussed about different types of Bio- pesticides for different kharif crops target  pest, Role of Biofertilizers and how to use it, Knowledge about different types of natural enemies and their identification and effect after use of pesticides application. Smt. Beena Rao, Sarpanch discussed on usefulness of these type of programme in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and urged the farmers to adopt organic cultivation. The days programme came to an end with interaction, suggestion and post evaluation with the farmers and vote of thanks by V.K. Gupta, APPO (PP), CIPMC, Port Blair.
On the second day, Mr G.S. Giri, PPO (PP) welcomed all the participants and described un healthy practices in agriculture and adopt Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and need based chemical measures for sustainable farming. Field visit were conducted by all participant along with the trainers for insect pest identification for rice crop.  After tea break once again Field visit were conducted by all participant along with the trainers for insect pest identification and theirs management for kharif crops and and Agro Ecosystem Analysis were demonstrated. Mr Manoj Kumar, SMS (Agri. Eng.), KVK, Nimbudera demonstrated seed treatment methods and described about its benefits.  Group dyanamics were demonstrated  among formers and discribed how it work in the our crop field.  Open house discussion with participant  for solve their doubt. Mr Vikas Kumar Rajak, TA expressed vote of thanks to all the participants to mark the end of the programme. The participants were provided with food & refreshment during the training period.