Issue of PDS sugar to discontinue

Port Blair
12 May 2017

The GoI has restored the allocation of wheat to this UT and as such, wheat will be issued to the APL card holders as done earlier, i.e 4 kg per ration card upto three members and 6 kg per ration card above three units in addition to the usual quota of fortified wheat flour from June 2017. Further, sugar subsidy to states and UTs @ Rs.18.50/- per kg for the year April 2017 to March 2018 is under examination by the Ministry of Consumers’ Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, GoI and therefore, the UT Administration has been advised by the Ministry to await further directions in the matter.
It is pertinent to state that GoI had abolished levy on PDS sugar way back in July 2013 and directed all states/UTs to either stop distribution of sugar under PDS or to purchase sugar from open market by utilizing their own fund for which the Ministry will reimburse only Rs. 18.50/- per kg. Keeping in view the interest of the general public of this UT, the Administration, unlike most of the other states and UTs decided to purchase sugar from open market and distribute at a highly subsidized price.
Decision of the Ministry regarding sugar subsidy is awaited and in the meantime, this Department continued to distribute sugar for the month of April 2017 also from out of the stock of sugar which accumulated in the godowns due to the savings done by the Department after implementation of e-PDS/reforms.
Now that the stock of sugar has exhausted in most of the godowns, this Department has decided to discontinue issuance of sugar under PDS to all the categories of ration card holders from the month of May 2017 onward, till further communication is received from the GoI or till a decision is taken for supply of sugar and the Administration is seized of the issue.