J/Ghat’s Syndicate Bank ATM dispenses agony for customers

Report by: 
Port Blair
19 Jun 2017

For Anand Mishra (name changed), a resident of Gorakhpur and a dedicated customer of Syndicate Bank, a visit to these islands busted his trust on the institution. All his efforts to draw cash from the chain of the bank’s ATM in the city proved futile for cash deficit. Ultimately, another nationalised bank having operations in these islands came to his help. Similar is the grievance of many other Syndicate Bank customers in this territory, which once boasted of having the lone ATM facility at Campbell Bay in the remote Great Nicobar Island.
Poor function of Syndicate Bank’s ATM network has been drawing flak for the institution for the past few weeks. In the city, the bank has around 4 ATM installations, all of which have failed to provide necessary service to its customers. “I have been visiting the Syndicate Bank’s ATM located at Junglighat near Goenka’s Showroom for almost every day in a week and every time I have returned dejected. The facility has been running short of cash and often reports connectivity breakdown. Left with no other option, I am forced to avail service from ATMs of other banks in the city. The Syndicate Bank’s management should take immediate measures to ensure reliable services to scores of customer in these islands particularly Municipal workers, who have opened savings accounts in the bank’s branch located in the premises of the civic body,” said a customer of  the Syndicate Bank.