Jan Kranti Party critical of Administration decision

Port Blair
27 May 2017

The Jan Kranti Party (JKP), Andaman and Nicobar Islands held a public meeting at Tiranga Park on May 25. Among those who spoke on the occasion were general secretary Shri Prakash Minj , president Shri K Venkat , vice presidents Shri Viswakarma and Colonel (Retd) K V Cherian , treasurer Shri Shawan Mehra  and secretary Shri Prabal Ram. The JKP A&N Islands has set out a ten point demand for immediate implementation by the A&N Administration. Foremost of the demands was the immediate restoration of “Jantha Durbar”. They alleged that the present LG was following an autocratic rule and taking decisions on his own which at times are harmful to the public. They pointed out that the decision to stop issue of sugar and wheat from PDS. The JKP A&N demanded immediate restoration of the issue of sugar and wheat through PDS shops in the island territory. They also  demanded   the introduction of Inner Line Permit System, reservation for employment for local youths, permanent absorption of  DRLs in various Departments of A&N Administration in their jobs, granting of higher scale of daily wages at  par with Central Govt Wage structure, giving ST  status to the backward Ranchi community as well as same category of classification for all Island born youths as the same as any other local born  community, regularization of all encroachments till 2007 as well as formation of State Assembly .
They also argued that all other parties in A&N Islands including the BJP who is the present ruling party had almost all the above points in their manifesto during the 2014 Parliamentary Elections and has conveniently forgotten to follow it up after they won the election. Due to lack of Democratic system in our Islands the Administrator as well as the officers are taking decisions without realizing the ground realities and therefore the need of the hour is the State Assembly. Therefore, the JKP demanded institution of State Assembly as the immediate step towards the democratic process of clean Administration. JKP announced that presently, there are no local parties to take care of the public need as all other parties are national parties who are not showing any concern or interest in the local problems. The Jan Kranti Party promised that they are a local party and would always stand for the Islanders to resolve their issues.