JKP bats for displaced workers of Andaman plantation

Port Blair
16 Feb 2018

In a letter from Mr. K. Venkat, Working President of Jan Kranti Party A&N, the party has requested the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman to help the displaced workers of Andaman Plantation at Little Andaman who do not have any shelter for themselves. The employees who have been living inside the Plantation in their allotted quarters have been displaced all of a sudden due to the closure of the Andaman Plantation which has been taken over by the Government. These workers are all legal settlers living in the Islands for last 25 years or so. Due to their below poverty line status and weak financial condition they are not in position to buy any land or house for their shelter. As they are legal residents of our country who have been made homeless due to no mistake of theirs, it becomes the moral duty of the administration to take care of their basic human requirement of shelter. The letter requests for allotment of Tsunami shelter which are lying vacant and creating loss to the government. The party had visited Tsunami Shelter area of Farm Tekri and Onge Tekri and found that there are more than hundred shelters lying vacant and are likely to decay in course of time. The written appeal requests for early redressal of the issue.