Jolly demands hike in milk procurement

Port Blair
12 Feb 2018

Mr. Vishal Jolly, State President A&N BJP urged The Chairman, ANIIDCO to hike the Milk procuring price from Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 per Liter for small farmers in a letter. Due to the impact of rush for good income from white collar jobs and western culture, Indian agriculture and its allied sectors have slid down and Dairy Farms and Milk production has also decreased in A&N Islands. The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi promoted White Revolution Mission with various Schemes to create opportunity to rural population and to bring socio-economic reform on Agriculture and its Allied Sectors encouraging farmers and rural youth to refocus on Agri-based sector like dairy farms. The milk supply to Port Blair and inter Islands is increasing day-by-day. Consumers are ready to pay Rs. 70 per liter for fresh cow milk at their door, but ANIIDCO is only paying Rs. 40 per liter to the farmers and selling the same at Rs. 60 per liter with a margin of Rs. 20. His letter also states that low income yield will deter farmers to continue the business and bring down the White Revolution Mission in A&N Islands. To protect the interest of the small farmers and unemployed youth of rural areas (Milk producers), he urged the Chairman, ANIIDCO to hike the Milk procuring price from Rs. 40 to at least Rs. 50 to help the Milk producer to continue their business and encourage further production.