Journos visit India’s ace PCV Samudra Paharedar

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Port Blair
28 Nov 2017

The Indian Coast Guard arranged a visit for journalists from the print and electronic media to ICGS Samudra Paharedar on Tuesday. The specialised Pollution Control Vessel (PCV) arrived here on Monday for the Regional Level Marine Oil Pollution exercise scheduled to be held off Port Blair on Wednesday. Speaking to scribes, Commanding Officer of ICGS Samudra Paharedar, Praveen Kumar Mishra and Jagat Dir Singh Bir said the Pollution Control Vessel is a shot in the arm for Indian Coast Guard towards addressing the critical requirement of capacity building in the area of pollution response. Underlining the importance of protecting the coastal waters from pollution, the Commanding Officer informed about the operations carried out by ICGS Samudra Paharedar since its commissioning in the year 2012. “ICGS Paheredar is the second vessel of its kind in the country and such exercises are held every year in different parts of the country,” he added.
ICGS Samudra Paharedar was commissioned on 20 July, 2012 and is capable of carrying out Oil Pollution Response operation at sea. The capabilities include containment, recovery and disposal of the spilled oil owing to accidents or incidents at sea. The ship is fitted with state of the art equipment capable of containing, recovering and stowage of recovered oil at sea even in rough weather. The ship is 95 Mtrs in length with quarter deck (aft part) fully dedicated for pollution response. The equipment fitted onboard includes three types of skimmers, two types of Booms, one TC3 Bucket for aerial spray, Spill Spray Arm for surface spray and array of allied equipment for use in pollution response at sea. The vessel has a maximum speed of 21 knots, an integrated platform management system, power management system, high power external fire fighting system and one indigenous CRN 91 gun mount along with fire control system. The vessel is designed to operate a twin engine Advance Light Helicopter/embark Chetak helicopter. Five high speed boats, four water scooters and two pollution control boats have been provided for other coast guard charter duties like search and rescue, maritime law enforcement and EEZ surveillance.