Kuldeep highlights plight of Sippighat villagers

Port Blair
4 Jul 2018

The PCC president, Mr Kuldeep  Rai Sharma along with the general public of Sippighat village  met  the Secretary (RD), A & N Administration on Tuesday and   apprised him  about the difficulties being faced by the villagers especially school going children  and  aged persons  of the area   due to the  worst condition of the village road leading from Panchayat Bhawan to  main road beside  Sippighat  Middle School . The PCC president informed the Secretary (RD) that due  to lack of proper  repair / maintenance a number of  giant potholes / ditches  have been developed  on the road and  Vehicular traffic  through this road has become  very difficult. The road is so pothole-ridden  that finding an undamaged stretch for even two feet is difficult. Mr Kuldeep urged the Secretary (RD)  to take  immediate steps  for the repair and maintenance of the damaged road  to mitigate  the difficulties being faced by the  general public and the school going children.