Major mishap averted after overloaded truck tilts towards tail in city

Report by: 
Port Blair
22 May 2017

While overloading of trucks violating crucial provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and diktat of the Apex Court have become a matter of serious concern, road users in the city had a narrow escape on Monday when the driver of a vehicle carrying tons of steel lost control near Model School here. According to reports, the truck carrying steel girders more than the prescribed limit had its front wheels up in the air and the rear wheel doing the balancing. The load, tilting towards the tail, was so heavy for the vehicle to maintain its balance that after being driven for a few yards, its front wheels went up in the air and both the driver and the cleaner had to jump out to safety at around 2.30 pm today. The truck remained in the posture for a couple of hours till the excess load was unloaded from the vehicle.
According to information, the truck was carrying around 20 to 30 heavy steel plate. Luckily there were no labourers in the rear of the vehicle. While no one suffered any injuries, the incident brought back the memories of March 2012 when two labourers died at the same spot when the side wall of a truck laden with tons of iron rods crumbled due to the sheer weight and came crashing down on the road.  Two of the four labourers were sitting atop the cargo got buried under tons of falling steel and died on the spot.
“The Traffic Police should launch a special drive against overloaded trucks in the city and other parts of these islands. As the construction industry is witnessing a boom, violation by transport vehicles is going unnoticed by the law enforcing agencies. Such practice poses a serious threat to the lives of other road users and measures should be taken so that the mishap like 2012 is not repeated,” said some residents of Aberdeen Bazar.