Mobile game addiction on the rise in isles

Report by: 
Port Blair
16 May 2017

Mobile addicts are multiplying at an alarming rate, as an increasing number of teens, college students and middle-age parents in these islands are falling victim to the problem, according to sources. Candy Crush, Temple Run etc are among few mobile games which have lately become so addictive, that parents say they have left their children stranded at school, housewives abandon housework, pedestrians injure themselves trying to reach new levels of the game and students fail to complete their homework, according to information.
“The addiction of people to their mobile phones and games could threaten the very fabric of society. Parents, students and teenagers have become fanatical to mobile games in these islands. Office-goers remain glued to their mobile phones playing the game rejecting crucial office works, housewives to spend the entire day trying to achieve new milestones in the game. Students stick to their mobile phones during and after school hours affecting their studies. If the trend continues, people would soon become incapable of maintaining relationships, execute works and students will falter in their academics. Some awareness generation measures should be embarked upon to educate people about the harm of mobile addiction,” said some city residents.
Candy Crush, Temple run etc have billions of users worldwide since they were launched as an app on mobile devices years ago. Available in iOS, Android forms etc, one in ten of mobile users these days plays them. While many such games are free, mobile users in these islands too are becoming increasingly addicted the games.