With monsoon onset, city roads pockmarked with potholes troubling motorists

Report by: 
Port Blair
9 Jun 2018

In just 14 days after southwest monsoon hit these islands, residents in the city are back to dealing with the annual headache of potholes on the roads here. Though the prime building agency, Andaman Public Works Department (APWD), has started filling potholes in different parts of the city, experts from the construction industry claim that departments mainly APWD and Municipal Council have, over the years, have failed to focus on minor aspects such as avoiding overheating of bitumen while lay roads, provision of surface drainage and use of quality and unadulterated mix for roads that could eliminate the problem recurring every year during heavy rains and guarantee better commute for road users.

A spot survey by this Correspondent revealed that almost all the arterial roads in the city have been left in a bad shape since the onset of monsoon this year forcing commuters to suffer bumpy rides, accidents and traffic jams. The road stretch between Goal Ghar Junction and Dairyfarm, located less than 1.5 kms away from the civic headquarters, was found having potholes of varying sizes. The situation was no different on the road between Goal Ghar and Delanipur and in many other parts of the city. While the agencies claim to spend lakhs of rupees on annual maintenance of roads, commuters continue to lead a miserable life struggling to sail through potholed roads during rains here.

Muthu Kumar, a resident of Dollygunj, who commutes daily for work on his two-wheeler, says, “People who ride motorcycles are worst affected due to the craters that emerge on the roads during rains. Bad roads are responsible for more strain on the spinal cord with long-term health risks. It also affects the vehicle and motorists are forced to shell out money from the hard-earned income on getting them repaired.”

“Some potholes on the city roads seem innocuous at first, but many of them are deep enough to cause a mishap. It becomes a nightmare travelling along the battered stretches of the city every year here. There has also been a spurt in reports of mishaps which occurred because of the potholes recently. Though the government agencies claim to use latest technology for maintenance of roads, the construction material gives away at the slightest pressure which is evident in the early days of this rainy spell. The authorities should take immediate steps to undertake repairs of the battered roads in the city besides taking measures to construct roads capable of enduring the test of the monsoon,” said another resident of the city.