Months after Ramesh’s murder, justice eludes his family

Report by: 
Port Blair
12 Jan 2019

Parents of Ramesh, a young local boy who was studying in an Engineering College at Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu and was brutally murdered and body thrown away in the railway track at Tamil Nadu are still left torn apart after learning that the murders of their son are still at large despite considerable period of the crime. For this poor family, justice is still a far cry as the parents has not yet received an appropriate response despite knocking the door of who’s who in the islands.  Despite repeated plea for a CBI inquiry into the mysterious death of their son, neither the TN Govt. nor the local administration has come forward to help the family.
“They have really ruined our life by taking away my little son’s life. But despite odds we are going to finish what we have started. We’re going to keep going until we get justice for our son, and we're not going to give up,” said M. Venkatashan, father of the ill-fated Ramesh.  
Speaking to EOI, Venkatashan, resident of Bargatline said that on 3rd Oct 2018, at around 8.50 pm, he received a phone call from the College Warden informing that my son V. Ramesh is missing from the hostel and could not be located. “They told me that my son did not returned back in the hostel after the hostel set time deadline of  6.30. After repeated request, a hesitant Hostel Ward told the family that Ramesh has in fact committed suicide and his motionless body is laying on the nearby railway track. The news of his demise came as if hell has broken over the family. It was hard for us to believe the news. We know that our son was a brilliant student and a well behave & responsible boy so it unthinkable that he might commit suicide”, said Vebkatshan.
After hearing the terrible news of his demise, the next morning, I along with my family and few relatives rushed to Chennai and visited the spot. But shocked and surprised to notice that the College Management and the local Police were uncooperative and hiding something from us. However, Ramesh’s college friends told us that the condition of Ramesh dead body was in pieces which is a clear indicator that the cause of death of Ramesh may not be suicide but a cool blooded murder. His wallet was found 400 mtr away the spot and his T-Shirt, jeans pant and shoes were not in his body.
The manner in which the College Management tried to hide the facts by diverting tactics was clearly pointing that something is fishy. We were amazed that some brave students of the college raised their voices against the college management and lamented their horrifying stories of threat and harassment by the college authority. According to some students, on 3rd Oct, the College Committee called Ramesh at around 10.00 am at the college enquiry room blaming him of smoking in the college premises and forced him to admit his fault. He was kept hostage in the room till he admitted his fault at about 4.00 pm. His friends told that he came out of the room crying and in his face was pale and red which shows that he was brutally beaten. It was the last time his friends saw him and since that time, his whereabouts not known to anybody.
Now the parents of Ramesh are looking for reply as to why was their son murdered and thrown in the railway track? Who are the persons behind this severe crime? The only demand of his family now is since the TN Police is not cooperative, the UT authority should rigorously take up the matter with the Tamil Nadu government. A CBI investigation will unearth the facts behind the murder of innocent boy.