MP, family doubt police claim, demand CBI probe

Police crack Selvi murder case, juvenile arrested
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Port Blair
13 Aug 2018

The South Andaman Police on Monday claimed to have solved the Selvi murder case revealing that the heinous crime was result of desire for an expensive mobile phone. The police team have arrested the accused, a juvenile, who confessed to having murdered Selvi, 40 years, wife of Mr Ganapati, resident of Ranchi Basti. The stolen ornaments from the victim after the murder have also been recovered, according to the Police.   Sharing details of the murder investigation, the Special Superintendent of Police, South Andaman, Vijay Singh informed that the accused juvenile, during interrogation, confessed that the crime was committed by him for a mobile phone. “The accused was stimulated by wrestling shows aired on TV channels and committed the murder in a similar fashion. He was trying to amass money for an expensive mobile phone and looted the jewellery of the victim after murdering her,” revealed the SSP.
After registering a murder case, special police teams were constituted to nail the accused of the heinous crime. Initial clues, study of CCTV footages, call records and sustained surveillance established that the accused was last spotted near the victim. The juvenile was arrested on strong suspicion, who confessed the crime during interrogation. Rithik arrested earlier by the Police will be released after due process of law as he was found to be not associated with the crime in any manner, informed the SSP adding that the murder investigation was conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nishant Gupta and Ajay Rai were also present at the press conference.
The family of the victim, however, raised doubts over the police claim in the sensational murder case. “How could a 16 year old teenager kill a strong and healthy 40 year old woman? There appears to be glaring loopholes in the police investigation. The autopsy report says that victim was strangulated to death using strong force. We suspect involvement of two to three persons in the murder, said the husband and the daughter of the victim demanding a high level probe into the incident. Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray also raised doubts on the revelations made by the Police in the murder case. He reportedly assured the family to write to the Lt. Governor demanding a CBI inquiry into the case. “The inhuman act was committed at a distance of around 2 kilomtes from the Police Station, but cops learnt about the murder a day after. This shows high levels of incompetence on the part of Police. The victim was a strong and healthy woman and it is next to impossible for a teenager to strangulate her to death,” said Mr Ray advocating a CBI probe in the murder case.