MP raises development issues with Home Ministry

Port Blair
6 Apr 2018

The Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray along with a delegations of tribal council and Katchal Settlers Association met the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, Home Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh and Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley last month and discussed various development issues of these islands.
Following the meetings, the Member of Parliament submitted two letters to the Home Secretary, GOI, Ministry of  Home Affairs on Thursday on issues relating to regularisation of pre-61 excess land in Port Blair (i.e.Pre, 42 and Post, 42 settlers who migrated after 1942, but before 1961) as per the statement of Shri Atal Behari Bajpayee the then Prime Minister of India published in “the Daly Telegrams” on 21st January, 2003 during 10th IDA meeting and also in consonance with the report of Shri Vivek Ray Committee constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, implementation of 4th Finance Commission Report & also to expedite all the proposals for improvement/up-gradation of road under the PMGSY-II in compliance to the recommendation of Standing Committee on Home Affairs in its report No.206 presented in Lok Sabha on 08.03.2018, grant of special package of Rs: 333.16 Crs. For repair of 648.606 K.Ms road as sought for by the Administration, conducting survey for entire area of land affected due to bank erosion and sanction of Rs: 25.00 Crs. to protect the bank erosion and los of farmers land, posting Non-Cadre Officers to A & N Islands, to expedite the proposal for establishment of LNG Terminal & Power plant for providing un-interrupted power supply to the Islanders, to explore the possibilities of trade business with South East Asian Countries to improve social& economical condition and also tourism point of view, inclusion of Malayalee Settlers in OBC list of A & N Islands in compliance to order of the Hon’ble High Court & also as per the report of the OBC Commission dated 03.03.2014 and waiving of Rs: 01.25 Crs out of total loan and interest from 15 Nos village Primary Cooperative Societies (Panam Hinengo Ltd) and 2.78 Crs from Central Tribal Cooperative society (Ellon Hinengo Ltd), as the assets created by the loan have completely washed away due to Tsunami,2004.