MP for resolution of concerns over Speed Governor installation

Port Blair
14 Jun 2018

The Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray has urged the Lt. Governor to constitute technical committee to assess the ground reality and fix appropriate limit for fixation of Speed Governor (Speed Limiting Device) in various type of transport vehicles in these islands. In a letter, Mr Ray said that the around 500 members of the A&N Islands Private Truck & Van Owners-cum-Driver's Association met him recently stating that installation of "Speed Limit Devise", as per notification dated 25th January, 2018 is practically not possible to ply/run the vehicles with cargo load in A&N Islands at various steep area like roads leading from Haddo jetty to Haddo, Light house to Benali club, Ratna market to Tower clock, and various locations in and around Port Blair and on ATR etc.
“I met the Director, STS along with few office bearers of the Association on Wednesday and apprised the situation to him. To find out the ground reality, a trial was also conducted by the Director STS through his staff at Chatham - Haddo steep starting from Police Station, Chtham through a cargo loaded private truck. During trial with installation of Speed Limit Devise of 60 km, it was noticed that fuel supply to the engine is reducing/controlling to the extent of 30 - 40 %. This has resulting not only reducing the vehicle pick up the and speed in the steep area but also flashing out of white smoke instead of black smoke. This may be possible to cause fire, fuel not supplying as per requirement during steep, engine speed became breaking up/reducing solely, fuel not supplying for Number 1 & 2 Gear. This may be possibility to engine fail due to non supply of required fuel during running in the peek/steep area and there are also many technical problems happening in the vehicles. No consultation was held either with the association nor with stake holders or made any trial in the steep area before fixing speed limit through notification dated 25th January, 2018,” said the MP.
The Member of Parliament suggested that a technical committee having knowledge in the field may be constituted to assess the ground reality after making necessary trial of all categories of vehicles and fix the appropriate speed limit to the vehicles which are required as per norms. “Before fixing/revision of speed limit of vehicles, an opportunity of hearing may be given to the Truck/Van Owners/drivers and other affected persons/stake holders in A&N Islands for presenting their grievances, while Exemption/ relaxation from installing speed limiting devises to such type of vehicles may also be considered at par with the other States/UTs like Himachal Pradesh, Mijoram, Shillong etc. Till such time, the operation of the present notification dated 25th January, 2018 may be kept in abeyance,” added the MP.