Multi Speciality Medical Camp at Mannarghat

Port Blair
4 Oct 2017

A Multi Speciality Medical Camp was organised by Directorate of Health Services in association with Gram Panchayat Mannarghat onOctober 3  at Community Hall, Malapuram, under GP - Mannarghat. Dr. Shiv Shanker Singh (Sr. Medical Specialist) attended as the chief guest with his colleagues Dr. H.M. Sidha Raju (DD – HE/FW), Dr. Tilak Raj Singh (ENT Specialist), Dr. Sunil Baliga (Orthopaedic Surgeon), Dr. P. Manoj (Dental Surgeon), Dr. Kusum Kanwar (Gynaecologist), Dr. Ashok Dhete (Paediatrician), Dr. Tamanna Sen Gupta (MO PHC W/g), Dr. Kalyan Khadbane (Ayush), Dr. Geeta (Ayush) and Para-medical Staff DHS, Port Blair and PHC, Wimberlygunj. E.C.G, Eye Screening, Laboratory, Pharmacy (Alopathy/Ayush) etc. facilities were provided and a Swasthiya Mela exhibition was held. More than 300 patients benefitted from the camp covering the area from Shoalbay to Bambooflat. Mr. O. Bashir, The Pradhan Gram Panchayat, Mannarghat was lauded for the camp by the dignitaries who in return thanked them for conducting the camp.