NASI, CIARI experts interact with tribal farmers of Carnic, Harminder Bay

Port Blair
24 Apr 2018

A two-day programme was conducted by National Academy of Sciences (NASI), Allahabad and ICAR-CIARI here recently for the Tribal farmers of  Car Nicobar and Harminder Bay  at Garacharma Complex of the Institute which was facilitated by KVK, Nicobar. Dr. Manju Sharma, Distinguished Women Scientist Chair, NASI, Allahabad alongwith a team comprising of eight members, and scientists of CIARI were the experts during the programme.  Dr. Manju Sharma, spoke about the programme and NASI followed by presentation of the Director, Dr A Kundu on initiatives of CIARI in horticulture, animal science, fisheries, field crops and NRM for the Island farmers and other stakeholders including the tribals of A & N and Lakshadweep Islands.
Prof. U.C. Srivastava spoke on the promoting health care for healthy living.  Dr. Anamitra Barik on Major health issues among the Tribals, Dr. Paramjit  Khurana on S & T for skill development towards employment generation, Dr. Partha Majumdar on  Ancestries of tribal populations can inform health management.  Mrs. Archana Pant on Women’s programme , Dr. Santosh Shukla on Areas identified for ST- for training etc., Dr. R. Kiruba Sankar on Fisheries development and activities in Island, Dr. S.K. Zamir Ahmed on the Possible intervention in agriculture and allied fields and Dr. M.S. Kundu on Pig farming as livelihood. Dr. Manju Sharma deliberated the project formulation after interacting with the tribal farmers on the need for empowerment.  The thematic areas identified were fisheries, piggery, horticulture, poultry, mushroom, floriculture and value addition which will be eco-friendly and sustainable to the target clientele.
In the concluding remarks, the Director, CIARI, Dr. A. Kundu placed on record the effort taken by Dr. Manju Sharma as the Programme Head alongwith her team and  for selecting  ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair for facilitating the Tribal Development Programme in these islands. The programme was coordinated by Dr. S.K. Zamir Ahmed, Pr. Scientist & I/c Social Science Section and Dr.  Jaya Kumaravardan, Scientist under the plan and guidance of Dr. A. Kundu, Director, CIARI.