National Highway Maintenance Committee meets at Ferrargunj

Port Blair
26 Dec 2017

A meeting of the National Highway Maintenance Review Committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman District was held on  December 22  in the Panchayat Bhawan, Ferrargunj. Review of the decisions taken in the last meeting was done. Mr. Alok  Jha of NHIDCL submitted that the repair of Bailey bridge at Jodakalan and Sippighat shall take some more time as the estimate of the same has not been approved by the NHIDCL (HQ). The Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman District directed that any commitment made by the NHIDCL in the meeting should be made with full responsibility and should be honoured by the agency. Mr. Jha committed that both the Bailey bridge shall by repaired by the first week of January 5, 2018. Mr. Jha further informed that the proposal of construction of concrete bridge by replacing the Bailey bridge at Jodakalan and Sippighat Junction has been submitted for approval. No deadline for the same can be fixed.
Mr. P. A. Sharfuddin, Pradhan Mithakari, Chouldari, Up-Adhykash, Zilla Parishad Member, Ferrargunj, Pramukh Ferrargunj, Pradhan Ferrargunj,  Zilla Parishad Member, Tusnabad along with other Pradhans raised the issue of the pot-holes repaired raised in the last meeting. They complained that the contractor is using only earth. Instead they may be filled up by bitumen mix. Mr. Jha informed that the three- member teams for the potholes shall be made for the three stretches of Ferrargunj, Ograbraj and Chouldari. The Phone numbers of the teams had already been shared by the PRI members. The stretch from Sippighat to Dhanikari Junction of the National Highway requires CRZ clearance and no clearance of the Ministry for the CRZ as well as for the estimate approval has been taken by NHIDCL (HQ) yet. The Deputy Commissioner, SA directed that the same should be expedited and the approval should be taken at the earliest.
For setting up of office of NHIDCL at Ferrargunj, Mr. Jha informed that the NHIDCL (HQ) should be requested for decision on the subject. DC decided that henceforth the minutes of the Committee meeting shall be forwarded to NHIDCL (HQ) also for necessary action on the points raised in the meeting. On demand of all the PRI members in the meeting, the NHIDCL is once again requested to set up their office at Ferrargunj area and also at Chouldari and other stretches of National Highway. The NHIDCL (HQ) is also requested to depute more engineers for the National Highway maintenance as two site engineers and two officers are very inadequate to look after 325 KMs long National Highway. Executive Engineer (HQ), Electricity Department informed that the Electricity Department has not been approached by NHIDCL for any help or coordination. All the PRIs complained that the electric poles are being attempted to be shifted in a haphazard manner which shall lead to unscheduled power cuts and also danger the road users and general public. The DC, South Andaman directed the NHIDCL to immediately stop any unilateral attempt for utility shifting and it should be done only in the supervision of the Electricity Department for Power and Andaman Public Works Department for Water Supply. For diversion of roads, the NHIDCL informed that an Expert Agency has been hired by their HQ. The Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman directed that the agency should be instructed to liaison with the PRI Members and local Administration to work out diversion plans of the National Highway. All present in the meeting were generally not satisfied with the maintenance work of NHIDCL and the same was communicated in clear terms to the agency. The agency along with its Head Quarter is once again requested to focus on maintenance work of National Highway as the working season of the Islands is very limited.