National Press Day hosted by admn spurned by local media

MP lends support
Report by: 
Port Blair
16 Nov 2017

The Island media fraternity joined hands and were glad that the Member of Parliament, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray stood by them on this momentous occasion of boycotting the National Press Day organised by A&N Administration. Speaking to scribes at a meeting held in the Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism on Thursday, Mr. Ray said, “I sympathetically agree to the genuine demands of the local media, which has been brushed aside on purpose by the A&N Administration. To support the media fraternity, I will join hands with the media to protest against the atrocities being meted to the local press here and will seek redressal of their demands with the appropriate authority.”
Also in a scathing attack he bemoaned the quality of officials posted in the Information, Publicity and Tourism Department. He spoke to the officials linked to the Information & Publicity Division and voluntarily submitted his letter intimating them that he was with the media in boycotting the National Press Day organised by them,
The media fraternity of A&N Islands boycotted the National Press Day event hosted by the Directorate of IP&T at Megapode Nest Resort with the Lt. Governor as the chief guest along with the Member of Parliament and the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration. The media fraternity submitted a representation to the Lt. Governor intimating of the protest and the demands of advertisements of more value, as the monthly advertising releases from the Administration is dismally low to sustain them as the bulk of the ads go to the government owned newspaper with step-motherly treatment towards the them, accreditation of local journalist in par with their mainland counterparts, invitations when Central Ministers come to visit to flag major projects (the recent visit of Rajnathji and Gadkariji being the case when local media was shunned in totality), and most importantly to humanely lend an ear to their grievances, which is never forthcoming as the local media is looked down upon by the Administration and few more such issues.
Meanwhile, the local media fraternity celebrated the National Press Day with zest and fervour along with their family members in a downtown hotel where the Member of Parliament, Mr. Bishu Pada Ray joined them for dinner.