Nutrition in paramecium

Port Blair
28 May 2017

A paramecium is a small one celled (unicellular) living organism that can move, digest food, and reproduce. The paramecium is an oval, slipper shaped micro-organism, rounded at the front/top and pointed at the back/bottom. A paramecium getting found in water. It follows holozoic mode of nutrition. 1. Ingestion: Paramecium engulfs food by the use of cilia. Cilia  is a hair like structure present on surface on body of paramecium. Food is ingested by cilia through oral groove into gullet. The food is ingested with a little surrounding water to form a food vacuole 2. Digestion: In Paramecium, food is digested in food vacuole by the digestive enzymes released by cytoplasm. Digestion in Paramecium is termed as “intracellular digestion”. 3. Absorption: The digested food present in the food vacuole of Paramecium is absorbed directly into the cytoplasm by diffusion. After absorption of food, the food vacuole shrinks. 4. Assimilation: The absorbed food nutrients are stored and utilized later for synthesis of energy. 5. Egestion: The undigested food is expelled out through anal pore. Equalsign Coaching Institute (