Odd banner at Goal Ghar grab attention of curious onlookers

With CBSE results out, coaching institutes set to unravel publicity blitzkrieg
Report by: 
Port Blair
28 May 2018

With the CBSE Class XII Board exams results out, private coaching institutes in the city and elsewhere are expected to get busy spinning success stories through advertisements in the print media, signposts on street corners, banners and hoardings in different parts of the city and on the backs of public buses and autos in bid to net more candidates for admission. With such publicity blitzkrieg, private tutorial institutes have mushroomed in almost every part of the city over the past few years and doing brisk business. But a strange banner erected at Goal Ghar made the city residents curious on Monday.
The banner raised prominently at Goal Ghar, the same location, which stood witness to bitter rivalry between two leading coaching institutes recently, read ‘Who Produce Toppers.... Wait.....’. While it could not be ascertained as to which coaching centre nailed the poster at Goal Ghar, it would be anybody’s guess considering the recent events that brought to fore bitter competition between two leading ones. “Coaching institutes are thriving on the unbridled competition among students these days. To make it to the top ranks, students and parents search for the best of them and spend thousands of rupees every year. But these coaching institutes should refrain from mudslinging against each other which leaves students confused. ‘....... Produce Toppers’ is the tagline of one leading coaching institute running in the city and it’s quite evident that their nearest rivals raised the poster at Goal Ghar,” said some residents of Middle Point.