Open transformer, dangling wires pose threat to Ranchi Basti residents

Report by: 
Port Blair
17 May 2017

An open power transformer and dangling electrical wires at Jawahar Colony, Ranchi Basti is posing serious threat to lives. According to the residents, authorities have failed to secure the power installation despite repeated requests in the past.
"Live cables are just few feet or more above the ground at the transformer installation here. The Power Department has failed to provide security barrier around the transformer and poor maintenance over the past is likely to aggravate the problem during the monsoon season. Residents are having sleepless nights for fear of electrocution. But authorities seem to pay no heed to the matter or to our complaints,” said Navin, a resident of Ranchi Basti.
Bare and dangling power cables also pose threat to the stray animals. Indiscriminate dumping of garbage near the transformer attracts stray animals and any contact with the high tension power lines could prove fatal. The electricity department should take prompt steps to secure the power installation to prevent any untoward incident, said another Jawahar Colony resident.