Ortho surgery using 3rd generation implants at ANIIMS

Port Blair
3 Jul 2017

The Department of Orthopedics, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Science, GB Pant Hospital, has been performing surgeries to fix complex fractures using third generation implants. In the month of January this year, a patient was injured by a very heavy container which fell on his arm at work. He sustained complex fracture of upper end of Humerus (arm) with a five centimeter gap. He was operated by the orthopedic team headed by Dr Amit Ray (HOD) with PHILOS plate fixation. The bone gap was filled with bone (fibula) taken from the opposite leg of the patient himself without any adverse functional effect to the leg.  The patient was mobilized within three days of surgery and now has a fully functional upper limb. Such complex trauma cases, which earlier were referred to mainland, are now  being managed successfully at ANIIMS.