Overflowing sewage giving health scare to Japan Road residents

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Port Blair
27 Feb 2017

While the city fathers are making tall claims about making Port Blair a Smart City, residents of a thickly populated area in the city are bearing the brunt of insanitary condition. Vallabha not only contracted Chikunguniya in the past but malaria as well in the recent. If one wonders about the odds, the answer is that Vallabha is a resident of Japan Road in Dairyfarm. A faulty sewer system, overflowing sewage on main road, at times entering houses have been posing serious health hazards to the residents of Japan Road for the past few years. But the authorities have till date failed to initiate corrective measures.
According to residents, the problem has existed for the past few years, but has worsened in the recent months. “Sewage from several houses here is discharged into the drainage network and indiscriminate disposal of garbage like plastic bottles, coconut shells etc leads to choking the drainage system at frequent intervals. The sanitary workers don’t bother to ensure regular cleanliness of  the sewer and sewage water overflows at regular intervals and more frequently in monsoons," said a resident of Japan Road.
“Overflowing sewage and contamination of drinking water have been posing a serious  health hazard to the residents here. It is very common to see sewage stagnating on the road which is because of some faults in the construction of the sewer network and frequent blockage in the pipeline. The place has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many residents, especially those staying near the drainage frequently complain of  ailments. Moreover, the stench emanating from the sewage water has made life miserable for us. At times, the overflowing dirty water from the sewer enters into the houses in the vicinity. Despite repeated pleas, the authorities have taken no action to address our concerns,” said some others