Patients piqued over awful toilets at GBPH

Report by: 
Port Blair
2 Dec 2018

Even as the Health Department vows to provide efficient healthcare services, poor state of toilet blocks in GB Pant Hospital, here is taking a toll on patients in these islands. Our Reporter who visited the hospital on Saturday could see ladies, including pregnant ladies linning up to use the toilet. This hospital which host thousands of in-patients daily has only one toilet for the ladies. The female patients had to face great difficulties due to shortage of insufficient ladies toilets.  According to reports, toilets in majority of the hospital wards are in bad shape with clogged urinals and dilapidated lavatory fittings. The Hospital has about 100 toilets constructed in various Wards in the sprawling premises. But bathroom fittings like washbasins, sinks, commodes etc are either damaged or poorly maintained in majority of the toilets in the hospital, according to reports.
Thousands of patients visit the hospital with various ailments on a daily basis. Hundreds are admitted in various Wards for proper medication. But the toilets in various wards of the hospital are not properly maintained by the hospital authorities. The washbasins and sinks of the toilets remained clogged due to poor making it miserable for patients to avail the facility. Relatives prefer to relieve in the open rather than utilising the hospital urinals, says a Chouldhari resident.
“In most of the Wards, bathroom fittings are damaged. Commodes are cracked in many toilets and remain stuffed with human excreta. Patients desist from using the toilets fearing that the unhygienic toilets will further affect their health. Poor maintenance of toilets in the GB Pant Hospital is earning a bad name for the institution and the authorities should embark on corrective measures soon,” stated another patient at the Hospital.