Patients piqued over defunct X-Ray machines at GBPH

Report by: 
Port Blair
8 Feb 2018

Despite tall claims, delivery of effective health services remains far from ensured at the lone referral hospital, GB Pant Hospital here. According to reports, two defunct X-Ray machines at the hospital is taking a toll on patients these days forcing them to explore other options or remain untreated for days.
As per information, the referral hospital has two X-Ray equipments-one installed at the OPD and the other near the Ultrasound scan facility. However, both the equipments have remained under repairs for the past few days following a technical snag leaving patients and their attenders at the receiving end. “Services at GB Pant Hospital has witnessed some progress in the recent months, but recurring snags in electronic equipments could be avoided by regular maintenance. Patients are having to bear the brunt of the negligence of the hospital management as the two defunct X-Ray machines at the GB Pant Hospital is causing disarray among patients and their relatives. Several cases of fractures, bone dislocations are reported at the hospital on a daily basis and in the absence of X-Ray scanning, patients are left devoid of further treatment,” said Mr Talukdar, a resident of Junglighat.
“Serpentine queues of patients and their relatives outside the X-Ray Rooms have become the order of the day at GB Pant Hospital. Doctors prescribe X-ray diagnosis without having information that the machines are lying defunct for the past few days. In the absence of x-ray reports, patients find it difficult to seek second opinions and remain deprived of treatment. Serious resentment is brewing among patients here and the hospital administration should take prompt steps to rectify the X-Ray machines and put them into operation at the earliest,” said a patient.
Speaking to EOI, the Medical Superintendent of GB Pant Hospital, Dr SP Burma informed that technical problem in one of the X-Ray machine has been rectified and pressed back into service. “Both the machines developed snag few days ago of which one has been repaired. We’ve taken up the matter with the concerned authorities. Representatives from the company will arrive soon and undertake repairs of the second X-Ray machine soon,” assured Dr Burma.