PBMC appeals market associations to discourage use of plastic/non-woven cloth bags

Port Blair
18 Jul 2018

The PBMC is committed towards transforming Port Blair into a Plastic free city in a phased manner. In a first of its kind, the PBMC has recently introduced bio-degradable bags which are made up of Starch. Bio-degradable bags having been made of natural ingredients   gets decomposed in a weeks time without posing a threat to the environment or its users. These bio-degradable bags have been tested for its adaptability in the local market and the same have been accepted by the public as a perfect substitute to plastic and non-woven cloth bags.  Introduction of the bio-degradable bags into local markets witnessed repeated round of deliberations with various market associations, Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Andaman & Nicobar Pollution control committee under the Department of Science & technology which led to one of the entrepreneurs shouldering the responsibility to procure such bio-degradable bags for distribution in the local market on usual cost.
With the objective to put an end to the use of Plastic and non-woven cloth bags in Port Blair city, various market associations are requested to discourage the use of such plastic/non-woven cloth bags. They are also requested to refrain from providing any bags in the long run and instead encourage the customers to come with their own bio-degradable bags. Meanwhile, the Andaman Chamber of Commerce has volunteered to conduct series of awareness programme in educating the masses about the ill effects of the use of plastic as well as availability of substitute  bio-degradable bags. The PBMC & ANPCC shall undertake intensive drive against the import of plastic /non-woven cloth bags in order to usher into a community devoid of plastic/ non-woven cloth bags on the eve of Independence day, 2018.