PBMC bags award for promoting cashless payments

Port Blair
30 Jan 2017
The Andaman & Nicobar Administration during DIGIDHAN MELA organized recently awarded the Port Blair Municipal Council for its achievement in facilitating cashless payments for its various kind of dues like water and conservancy charges, octroi, property tax and market rent etc. The award was given by Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Lt. Governor and received by Mr B Eswar Rao, Chairperson PBMC.
The Lt Governor specifically appreciated the outstanding performance of the PBMC in implementing the cashless payment system within such a short span of time and mentioned that it may be one of first Municipal bodiea showing such efficiency in this direction.
In a release, Mr Rao expressed gratitude to the Administration for the award and motivating appreciation by LG. He informed that more than Rs 10 lakhs have been digitally paid by more than 500 persons. He further informed that PBMC has decided to award 10 persons every month for making digital payment to PBMC during the month of January, February and March. The amount of reward will be Rs. 1000 per person. The digital payment till  January 31 will be included in the first draw. The first lucky draw for the month of January will be held in the first week of February at PBMC HQ. Mr Rao further informed that PBMC in association with Axis Bank is in the process of providing the facility of internet baking and mobile application for payment of various kinds of dues.