PBMC surveillance cameras to beef up security soon

224 CCTV cameras to keep hawk eye in city < Project under Smart City Mission < 3 Cr. Project < PMB first to install cameras in 2011
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Port Blair
21 Oct 2018

With an eye to address the growing safety and security concerns in the city and also to help ensure effective policing, the Port Blair Municipal Council under its Smart City Mission plans to install 224 CCTV cameras at key spots in the city. The Engineering Department of the Council will be conducting a detail survey of the town to identify key spots where the CCTV cameras have to be positioned.  The cameras will be installed in as many as 56 locations in the city with system integration and 15-day recording time facility. The project is estimated to be executed at a cost of Rs 3 crores. The footages generated by the cameras will be monitored by the civic body as well as the Police. The initiative will help both the civic body and the Police to prevent anti-social activities in the town besides closely watching traffic activities. Considering the rise in the number of street crimes, incident of road rage and harassment, installation of CCTV cameras will help keep a close eye in the town in the need of the hour. 
Presently, neither the PBMC nor the A&N Police has installed cameras in the city to monitor the city. The installation of the surveillances cameras is a good move and will instill confidence among the citizens besides helping authority indentify the offenders of crimes. With the increase in the commercial activities in the city coupled with growing population, there has been spurt in cases of road rage, indiscriminate dumping of garbage in roads and other anti-social activities. This hi-tech surveillance system provides advanced search capabilities; one can zoom, tilt or move the camera right from the monitoring room. In terms of storage, the surveillance system can store video records for the last 45 days. The high resolution cameras capture a clearer image when objects are moving. Images can be recorded and played back simultaneously without any difficulties.
As per reports, Port Management Board (PMB) is the first organization in the islands to install comprehensive CCTV surveillance to strengthen port security in  A&N Islands owing to the growing threats of  terrorist organizations targeting  major infrastructure facilities in the country at Haddo Wharf in the year 2011, wherein each and every movement of the people in the Haddo Port areas is watched by a monitoring & control unit through wireless CCT cameras installed at  different locations of Haddo wharf. Altogether 16 Close Circuit Television (CCTVs) Cameras have been installed at various spots in the Haddo wharf complex to monitor movements besides keeping tracks on miscreants in the dock area. Out of the 16 CCTVs, 15 have been installed in different spots in the wharf area while one camera has been placed at Chatham Port Control Tower, which enables surveillance over the entire port area.
The PMB had entered into a 5-6 year agreement with a Delhi based  firm having expertise  in the field of surveillance system. The firm has to its credit vital surveillance installations at some of the major ports in the country, including Chennai and Tuticorin ports. The 16 wireless CCTVs installed at different locations are capable of capturing any kind of movements within the entire port areas and installation of the hi-tech surveillance system has ensured foolproof security of Haddo port. Besides keeping watch on suspicious activities within the port premises, wireless cameras installed at different locations helps in checking oil pilferage, theft and even prevent risk of possible terrorist activities. The surveillance system has about 16 CCTVs installed at various spots within the port premises and another 19 cameras can be added to this system, if required. About 10 out of the 16 CCTVs are moving cameras whereas 6 cameras are fixed. One camera each is placed at the entry and exit gates and to ensure effective surveillance, cameras have been installed at Chatham, W-Tower-III, AHW-Haddo-III-IV, AHW-Haddo Gate-IV, AHW WS, W Tower-II, IWS Office, Waiting hall, Gate – I, III, IV, Passenger hall scanner, Medical examination room, as per information.