PBMC warns hawkers, vendors on airport road

Port Blair
12 Dec 2017

Hawkers and vendors, on either side of the road, outside the Veer Savarkar International Airport, from Lamba Line gate to Minnie Bay Junction attracts birds and stray animals which may cause danger to flight operations in that area and hence it is a serious safety and security concern. Despite repeated attempts to clear the area, hawkers and vendors re-start their activities. Such activities leads to crowding and uneven parking of vehicles on either side of the road, resulting in traffic congestion and increased bird and stray animal activities concerning to flight safety.
The Sub Divisional Magistrate (SA) through order dated 19/04/2017 in Case No.45/2017, under Section 133 CrPc, had already declared that the public road outside of the VSI Airport, from Lamba Line gate to Minnie Bay Junction is unfit for hawkers and street vendors. PBMC issued a public notice 17th August 2017 to immediately stop hawking and vending activities and to remove all sorts encroachments failing which same would be summarily removed by the Municipal Council under Section 150 and 151 of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Municipal) Regulations 1994, at the risk and cost of the concerned persons. Mr. Yashpal Garg, Secretary PBMC informed that though the PBMC carried out certain drives to remove such hawkers, but they return again in the same evening. On 12.12.2017, the PBMC conducted a major drive and removed about a dozen hawkers and seized some goods. Mr. Garg said that considering safety of flights operation, the hawking will not be tolerated and more strict actions will be taken if they return to vend on that stretch of the road.