PCC observes Vishwasghat Divas, leaders slam Modi-govt., MP for failed poll promises

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Port Blair
26 May 2018

The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) observed 'Vishwasghat Diwas (betrayal day)' on Saturday as Narendra Modi-led BJP government completed its four years in power at the Centre. At a press conference held today, chief spokesperson of the party, Mr K Ganeshan said that the day is observed to highlight the failure of pre-poll promises and misgovernance of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government. Neither the Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor the Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray, A & N Islands, fulfil any of their pre-poll tall promises in the past four years,” he said.
“The four years of the performance of the Narendra Modi government can be described as wastage of four years as it had failed on all fronts, including the socio-economic front. Right from employment to fuel prices, GDP, agriculture, inflation, and public sector banks’ bad loans, the NDA Govt.’s four performances has been marked by failure and broken promises. The BJP came in power in 2014 with the promise to change the fortunes of the people of India with the promise to bring ‘acche din’. Four years later, the people of the country are still waiting for the’ acche din’. The Modi government sold ‘acche din’ dream which was never fulfilled and the NDA government false promises have now been exposed. This government is responsible for the ‘poor’ economic indicators of the country. In the last four years, the only achievement of the Modi Govt. is creation of social tension, controversial statements by MPs and leaders of the BJP party,” said Mr Ganeshan.
Major failures of the Modi government are - industry is stagnating, exports have been consistently falling and inflation, particularly food inflation, is very high. The prices of fuel are constantly increasing. The people are tied of the exorbitant fuel prices as fuel prices are increased on daily basis, promise of creating two crores jobs on early basis has was never fulfilled, unemployment is rampant. Even, in our Islands, unemployment is alarming. According to reports, over 10000 posts are vacant in the government department. But under the NDA rule, no efforts are being made to fill up these vacant posts, the banking system of the country is collapsing as more and more NPA are rising and loan defaulters are leaving the country. The government is unable to take to task these defaulters who are spending a luxurious life in foreign countries after fleeing India, black money promise was a hollow one. NDA promised to bring back black money in 100 days, has failed miserable, demonetization of currency has yielded nothing. In fact, due to demonetization, the entire country has to stand in line before the ATM. This has also resulted in several people losing their live, agricultural sector is in distress and farmer suicides are a worrying factor.
Crop failure is rampant and this government is not even offering compensation or debt waiver, Make in India remains merely a slogan. No progress has been made on the smart cities front. They (NDA) claimed that 100 smart cities will be developed, but no work has been done. No smart city project has been initiated for Port Blair, which was also selected under smart city project, all schemes have been renamed and repacked; from Nirmal Bharat to Swachh Bharat, Planning Commission to Niti Aayog, National Mission of financial inclusion to Jan Dhan. They (Modi government) cannot conceive any new scheme, they are masters of repackaging, ceasefire violations in Jammu & Kashmir are at a high, crime against women has increased, Modi government’s foreign policy is consistently inconsistent. The NDA Govt. has no policy viz a viz Pakistan and China. Some day they speak for talks with the neighbouring counties and other day they speak just the opposite.  This inconsistent policy is creating great harm to the country, though, the Congress party was not against the implementation of the Goods & Services Taxes (GST
On local issues, the Congress Party leaders said that regularization of pre-1993 encroachments turned a mirage for the local public as the MP used the promise only to garner vote. “The MP’s promise to create 10000 vacancies in various departments remains unfulfilled till date. Regular connectivity to Southern Group of Islands remains a dream as the Shipping Department has been accused of large scale corruption in maintaining the fleets. Augmenting the net connectivity through Optical Fiber Cable remains on papers for about six years. The BSNL announced the award of work to contractor a couple of days ago. Despite the dedicated services of Andaman PWD and irrespective of its well equipped infrastructure, the MP is inclined towards ceding the projects to mainland bound corporate through the NH Department. MPs promise to facilitate cargo container services between Port Blair, Chennai and Kolkata through Government run vessels remains unfulfilled as private firms given priority in operating container services. Cost of locally available natural products like timber entails GST of 18% which makes availability of quality wood out of reach for local public and contractors. MP remains mute spectator and not initiated any negotiation with Forest Department. Influx of Bangladeshi labourers remains at steady pace. MP seems to be supporting the influx for vote bank. No fruitful action on his part to prevent the entry and settlement of illegal citizens and regularization of Daily Rated Labours in departments like APWD, PBMC and others remain unfulfilled.”