Physical activity, diet key to prevent diabetes

Port Blair
13 Nov 2018

Physical activity and diet control by the diabetics would be the best tribute to the Canadian physician FREDRICK BANTING  who co-discovered insulin along with Charles H Best in 1921 and saved many from deathbeds.

Banting”s great contribution to the world is observed as World Diabetes Day on his birthday on November 14. This year the theme of Diabetes day is FAMILY and DIABETES. The need of the hour is all about awareness on Life style Diseases which leads to metabolic syndrome which is being embedded with diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia  (increase of cholesterol and triglycerides) and obesity World diabetes day has some purpose and it is about to create awareness not only among the patients but across societies, countries, and world. The repercussions of the disease is so high that it becomes the responsibility of all big and small health units to raise awareness about life style changes that can save people from becoming diabetic and thus be safe from many other diseases.
Screening tests are so important to detect asymptomatic people to save them from developing diabetes and complications and to lessen the burden on individual,family, society, and the country which otherwise cost huge if he or she develops the  disease. Risk factors are age above 40 ,family history of diabetes ,women with gestational diabetes(diabetes during pregnancy) and history of cardiac disease. The modifiable risk factors are obesity, stress, smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Physical activity means any utilization of our skeletal muscles to spend energy and exercise means physical activity with an intention of fitness. The benefits of physical activities are weight control, improvement in blood circulation, strengthening bones and muscles, stress reduction and fewer chances of cardio vascular diseases. Physical activity can be anything from walking .jogging, dancing, cycling and 30 minutes per day and 150 hours per week is good. Proper diet reduces the risk of developing diabetes and saturated fats ,trans  fats  are to be avoided poly unsaturated fats from sunflower .corn, and soya oil .monounsaturated  from plant source like olive oil is good for health. One or two portions of fruits weekly and preference of fruits over juices is beneficial.
During the screening test if detected as pre diabetes means Fasting blood sugar between 100-125 mg and post prandial between 140-200 it can be reversed  by only diet and exercise. In Type 1 Diabetes absence of insulin secretion from pancreas and type 2 Diabetes less insulin secretion and action and Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy diabetes develops during 24 th week of pregnancy. Due to high stress level in day to day life even school children are developing diabetes when their physical activities are compromised with studies.
Hence a thought should be given on World Diabetes Day towards the physical activity and diet.
Eat wise, exercise well, experience excellent health

By - Dr D Harishkumar, Amrita Health Centre

Shadipur, Port Blair