Power interruption

Port Blair
13 Jul 2018

Power supply will remain suspended in some areas for shifting of LT & HT Line due to cutting of tree standing near National Highways construction site at  Garacharama and urgent repairing of Air breaker Switchgear (ABS) & underground power cable near Abhishek Hotel, Goalghar tomorrow from 8 am to 2 pm. The areas to be affected are Guptapara, Manglutan, Wandoor, Chouldari Tushnabad, Port Mount, Tirur, Templemyo, Ograbranj, part of Sippighat, Chouldari Lal Pahar, Tsunami Shelter, Mithakhari, Namunaghar, Dunduspoint, Hathi Tappu, Agency House, Garacharama complete, 5 MW Solar Power Plant area, Part of Gurudwara Lane, Bengali Club, Biggi Lane, Anthropological Museum, Middle Point, Link Road, VIP Road, Police Line, part of Junglighat. In addition, two-hour rotational load shedding will also be carried out on as and when required basis in some areas on Saturday from 6 am to 5 pm in connection with carrying out of oil filtration of power transformer of 33 KV Garacharama Sub-Station. The areas to be affected are Bhatu Basti complex, Laxmi Motor area, Pathergudda, New Pahargaon, Agency House, Garacharama complete, Austinabad, Prothrapur, Brichgunj, Brookshabad, part of Chakkargaon, Dollygunj, Attampahad, Old Pahargoan, ICMR Colony area, part of School Line, Minnie Bay complete, CARI, AKT Miniplex, Bird Line, Calicut, Kamraj Nagar, Beodnabad, Rangachang, Burmanallah to Chidiyatapu. The works will be carried out subject to weather condition and time mentioned is tentative which may change subject to completion of work.