Pradesh Congress leaders step up attack over Rafale deal, accuse PM of compromising national interest

Report by: 
Port Blair
29 Jul 2018

The Pradesh Congress Committee hit out at Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi and Defence Minister, Smt Niramala Sitharaman over the much debated Rafale deal, alleging that the Centre has misled the country in revealing the pricing of the aircraft and comprised on national interest. Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Mr K Ganeshan, spokesperson of the party said that the Modi-led NDA government has been exposed with a multi-crore scam in Rafale Aircraft deal to benefit Modi's crony capitalist friend by sacrificing the interest of public sector undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. “During Congress led UPA government in December 2012, the international price bid per aircraft was opened @ Rs 526.10 crore. So the total cost of 36 aircrafts was Rs. 18940 Crore. But the Modi Government purchased the same aircraft in 2018 @ Rs. 1670.70 Crore i.e. 60,145 crore for 36 aircrafts. This has been revealed in the Annual Report-2016 of Dassault Aviation. The report also revealed that Dassault Aviation sold 48  Rafale aircrafts to two other countries- Egypt and Qatar (24 to Egypt and 24 to Qatar) in 2015 @ Rs. 1319.80 Crore, whereas India purchased the same aircraft @ Rs. 1670 crore. Hence compared to other countries, India paid Rs. 350.90 Crore in excess for each aircraft and Rs. 12,632 Crore for the entire deal,” said Mr Ganeshan
Stressing that national interest was being compromised by the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, Mr Ganeshan demanded that Modi must break his silence and reply to the nation if he represented the interest of private companies and industrial houses. “The Rafale deal has led to multi-crore loss to public exchequer, but still the Modi Government is not coming out with the truth and trying to hide facts by misleading the people of India. The Annual Report-2016 of Dassault Aviation has disclosed the cost of each aircraft paid by India. But Modi Government is not coming out with details and not disclosing the cost of the deal. With the justification of some or other security reasons, facts and figures are not disclosed by the Defense Ministry, GOI. The only organisation in India havinq the expertise of aircraft manufacturing from many decades i.e. the Public Sector undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was bypassed for getting Rs. 36000 Crore worth "offset Contract" despite the work share agreement signed between HAL and Rafale- Dassault aviation. The Reliance group company "Reliance Defense" was awarded with the "offset Contract" for Rs. 30000 Crore, though the agency has zero experience of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance,” he said.
The unilateral purchase of 36 Rafale Aircraft deal by Modi Government suffers from completer non-transparency in disclosure of "Purchase Price" of aircraft, violation of the mandatory provisions of the "Defense Procurement Procedure", absence of prior clearance from Cabinet Committee on security, sacrificing the national interest on Transfer of Technology" to HAL and by passes the PSU, HAL on the Rs. 36000 Crore" offset contract" in favour of a company with zero experience of manufacturing fighter aircraft,” claimed the Congress leader.  With fake and manufactured responses, Modi government is misleading the people of India. Instead of hiding behind the cloak of nationalism', the BJP Government must come clean on how their actions compromised national security, sacrificed the interest of a public sector undertaking (HAL) and benefitted his crony capitalist friends. A frustrated B.IP is now playing a 3D Game on Rafale – Diversion, Damning Lies and Deception. During the discussion on ‘No Confidence Motion’ in the Parliament recently, the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi failed to respond to the several questions asked by Congress President, Mr Rahul Gandhi on the ‘Rafale Deal’ pricing, while the Defence Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman blatantly lied and misled the people and Parliament. The diabolical game of loss to public exchequer has ended up sacrificing the interest of Public Sector Undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), added Mr Ganeshan.