Public meeting by JanaSena Party at Bhatu Basti

Port Blair
28 May 2018

Prominent leaders of JanaSena Party, Andaman Nicobar including President, Mr K. Venkat Ram Babu, General Secretary (Org), Mohd Shayeed Ali, Vice President, Mr C.H.V.V. Satyanarayana (Buji), Vice President Mr Baidyanath Rai, Secretary Jai Ram  voiced their demands at a public meeting at Bhatu Basti on Sunday. The demands included the introduction of Domical Certificate for Islands, providing 100% employment opportunity to the Local Youths, Reservation for Islands Born, Regularization of excess land, encroachment land prior to 2007, restart DRM in all Departments on rotational basis, development in Tourisms sectors, Chatham, Bambooflat  bridge connectivity, increase facilities in Medicals, introduce New Ship & Boats in shipping sectors, all vacant posts fill in all departments, Assembly / Pradesh Council Start immediately, construct new separate Cargo Jetty for Cargo Ships, in Andaman & Nicobar Islands issue entry pass like other Union Territories and demanded that the Lt. Governor meet representatives of political parties, NGO’s other organizations.