Public toilet in bad shape at Dairyfarm’s Burdal Basti

Report by: 
Port Blair
22 May 2017

Despite tall claims by the civic body, a public toilet at Burdal Basti, near Ram Mandir, Dairyfarm, exposes the apathy of the agency towards effective implementation of the Swachh Bharat Mission of the Government of India. The civic toilet in the region benefited good number of residents after its launch years ago. But presently, facility is a deserted structure for want of proper upkeep.
According to reports, the Municipal Council has paid no attention towards repair and maintenance of the facility for the past four years. Doors and windows of the toilet complex have been damaged and leaking pipelines have made life miserable for the nearby residents. “Despite the poor state of the toilet complex, some people still use the facility. Owing to snapped pipelines and full to capacity septic tank, indiscriminate discharge from toilets generates unbearable stench from the complex. Residents nearby are forced to bear the brunt of abominable conditions. We have to keep the doors and windows of our houses closed to escape the stink emanating from the toilet complex. The authorities concerned should completely demolish the facility or initiate steps for complete reconstruction,” said Bhushaiah, a resident of the locality